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Why Solidify

Your clients and referral partners will thank you

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Instant Volume Boost

Access to 50+ wholesale lenders means better pricing, expanded guidelines, and faster closings.  Then add 11 states and our proprietary technology, it's no surprise LO's see an instant volume boost upon joining Solidify.

Unlimited Growth

The ability to match your clients' needs to the right lender creates a better client experience, greater loyalty, and more referrals.  Imagine announcing to your clients and referral partners you can now offer them better rates, faster closes, and a more convenient process. The sky’s the limit.

When the chance to come back to broker presented itself, I had to make the move.  The result?  I closed more in the first 90 days brokering than I did the past 6 months as a banker!  I've known the owners a long time, this company is on an exciting path.

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Full Control

Say goodbye to constant management disruptions and antiquated processes.  Contact lender reps and underwriters directly, choose your own 3rd parties, submit loans to the lenders of your choice.   Solidify provides the access, you create your own flow and set your own goals.  It's your business to run.

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- Robert Salas

Sr. Mortgage Advisor

Call us! 925-275-5000

Why Solidify

Make the Move.

It's time to turn your reputation into more dollars for you and your clients.

Our Formula


Speak directly with underwriters and lender reps, bounce ideas off other Solidify LO's, and even chat directly with ownership.  You run your own show, but you're never going it alone.


Use our document management system to review and calculate income, price and qualify loans with dozens of lenders in seconds, provide clients a link to your personal application portal, and much more.  Our tools and vendors are at your disposal.


Beyond the extensive products and incredible pricing, Solidify also provides access to a dedicated marketing specialist and premier marketing software.  You'll strengthen existing relationships and build new ones, giving you the keys to grow your business.

Who We Look For

In short: great people with great potential

Young Business Colleagues

Trusted Professionals

We strive to always provide value to our clients and maintain solid relationships with our partners. We want people with experience that proves they can do the same.

Opportunity Seekers

When we see a way to provide our clients’ greater value, we take it. And with every opportunity, we're excited by the hard work that comes with it.

Team Players

We know the mortgage industry back to front, and we share our knowledge with each other. We look for people who can prioritize communication and collaboration.


Service Map

Corporate Address

2888 Loker Ave E, Suite 321

Carlsbad, CA 92010

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